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We are now  into our  11th year of  Selkirk Rex. 

A New year and show results of our home bred cats or cats others  own will appear on here. I will mainly be doing GCCF as prefer the style of judging-  All the cats we are showing are all home bred  from various imported lines over the years.

Spoticat Show December 2015

This show had a massive entry of Selkirks .

Taffy attended his first show ever at the age of 16 months and really did extremely well as achieved 10 out of 18 best of breeds against an extremely highly titled mature alter. ( only 16 with competition)

18 Best of Colour

10 x  Best of Division  (8 in competition)

8 x 2nd Best of Division

 1 x 3rd Final

1 x 5th Final

 1 x 6th Final

4 x 7th Final

 1 x 8th Final

 1 x 9th Final  

Ziggy went as A Grand Champion and achieved enough finals to become a Quiad Grand Champion

  18 Best of Colour

18 Best of Division

 16 Best of Breed

 2 x 2nd Best of Breed

1 x 3rd Final

2 x 4th Final

1 x 6th Final

 1 x 7th Final

2 x 9th Final

1 x 10th Final

Cheshire Area Show November 21st 2015

PR Acozni Fairy floss

  Grand Certificate

Best of Breed

  Best of variety British Neuter

 Overall Best British  

GR PR Acozni Karma Chameleon

  Imperial Certificate

Red Card day - competition in all sides

   Grand Master Cat Chilli  (tica  Rw   SGMC

Imperial Master Cat

 Echo attended 2 shows  November 8th

Blue Persian

Echo got Olympian and Best in Colour

Semi Longhair

Echo got Res Oly and Best in Colour

Supreme Cat Show October 24th

Acozni Fairy Floss

Grand Certificate

Best of Breed out of 5

Reserve Best of Variety British Neuter

Bengal TICA Show 10th October

This seemed to have the most Selkirks at a Tica show Ive seen for ages.


Petal went as her first show for her life at the age of 5 years. She took it after the first few rings

  She had 6 Best of Colour 6 best of Division  

 2 x 5 AB finals

 1 x3 SP final

Karma also went

 He got 5 Best of Breeds and 6 Best of Coloure and 6 Best of Division  

1 x 5 AB final

Rex Cat Association and Wyvern Cat Club 5th September 2015


Acozni Pelonazo Purrfect attended his 3rd show as an adult anfd acheived his last 2 challenge certificates making him a Champion at just  a week over 12 months-  He had a red card day at the RCA show and just missed it at the Wyvern getting a 2nd out of 4 in oine class-  He was BEST SELKIRK REX ADULT at the RCA and then went on to be BEST SELKIRK REX IN SHOW

photo by Mandy Mconnell

Being judged by Anne Gregory for overall Best in Show

Echo got her Olympian and was Overall Best Pedigree pet in the RCA show

Teeside 22nd August 2015

  Acozni Fairy Floss


3rd Pc- Best of Breed - Made up to Premier

  Red Card Day

 Best of Variety British Neuter


  Grand Master Cat- BOC

Red Card Day - 4 x 1st in side classes

Chester and North wales cat Show 8th August 2015

All pictures thanks to Carol Walker

PR Acozni Karma Chameleon, PR Acozni Auntie Leonie and Acozni Pelonazo Purrfect all attended this show.

PR Acozni Karma Chameleon

 Grand Premier certificate, Best of breed and 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in large side classes - Made up to Grand Premier

PR Acozni Auntieleonie

Grand Premier Certificate, 2 x 2nd in large side classes -Made up to Grand Premier

Acozni Pelonazo Purrfect

 Challenge certificate

Best of Breed and 2 x 1st and 1 x 3rd in large side classes

ONEFORALL BRIGG 25th and 26th July

After an absence of showing TICA for over 2 years we took lebec out to see how she did-   She is nowhere near maturity and was missing her full coat -

 She gained 7 best of breeds out of 10 rings

10 Best of Colour

10 Best of Division

Best Alter AB Final

3rd Best Alter AB Final

4th Best Alter aB Final

4th Sp Alter Final

4th Speciality Final

She is now a TGCA

Chilli also atended this show

He got 10 out of 10 finals including 3 best

Wessex and Wiltshire joint shows 4th July 2015

PR Acozni Auntie Leonie -( TICA GRC)

Only 3rd time out showing in last 24 months -  I took Lebec my daughters cat as she was confined to quarters with a 5 week old baby.


She did extremely well against competition.

Best of Breed at borh shows

Red card day both shows

2 grands at both shows




Lakeland and District

Acozni Fairy Floss Bob and 2nd PC.

1st and 3rd in large size side classes



Maccy d got 10 out of 14 best of breeds and 2x 3rd final, 1 x 8, 1 x 2nd  finals


Acozni Fairy Floss got her first Pc


Chilli got Best in show HHP - His Grand and Best of Colour


Suffolk and Norfolk

Ava got Olympian in a large class and Best of Colour

Maccy D got his Grand

Northern Birman Show

  Chilli got Grand Master Boc and BEST IN Show Household Pet  

Frilly had Red Card day and got her Olympian

Beds and Cambs Joint Show

Acozni Popsicle Purrsalot at her last kitten show - 


Best of Breed and 1st Kitten in both shows

Acozni Coco Chai

sadly I couldnt bath her as still nursing broken toes so it was really an experiment to see how well she did and the MOST IMPORTANT was to give her some quality time on her own with me which we achieved as she kept me awake all night kissing me

  PC and Red Card day at Bedford

PC witheld and almost red card day at Cambridgeshire-  She loved herself and lapped up the attrention which is what Chai does best


RAgtime Tica 26th April

Acozni Franki Valadier went along for 1 day only and did very well getting

6 Best of Breeds

6 Best of Division

2nd All breed Final

5th All breed Final

3rd SP Final

 MIdland Counties , Short haired cat society and combined Shows 12th April

 Echo  won Olympian and BOC at the Midland Counties and  also won the same at the  Foreign. she also had a red card day at both shows


Tizer won 2 GMC and BOC in big classes


Red Tortie and Black  Show


 Reserve Olympian

Judges Choice

Maccy D

1st Grand MC

Preston  and Blackpool

 Acozni Fairy Floss

 Red Card Day Best of Variety Kitten




3rd MC making him Master Cat

Surrey and Sussex Cat Show


Thanks to Carolyn Gerrard for the photo

Acozni Popsicle Purrsalot

Red Card Day

1st and Best of Breed


London Cat Show

Acozni Popsicle Purrsalot

Red Card Day

1st and Best of Breed


One For All TICA Brigg Show


SGCA Acozni Frankie Valadier

10 Best of Breeds

 10 Best Of Divisions

10 Best of Colour

5 Finals

Lancashire Show

MC Chilli Best Ped Pet and Overall Best Household Pet

Photos by Carol Walker


Coventry and Leicester

Acozni Popsicle Purrsalot

Best of Variety British Kitten

Red card day

1st kitten class

2 x 1sts



Master Cat



Reserve  Imperial out of 7

Herts and Middlesex

3 x1sts

Red  card day 

Doncaster TICA SHOW

Chilli at his 1st Adult Show Become Double Grand Champion

12 Best of division

12 Best of Breed

5 x Best Final t

6 x 2nd Final

1 x 3rd Final

Acozni Franki Valadier

12 Best of Colour

12 Best of Division

7 Best of breeds

5 second Best of Breeds

4 Finals

Shropshire and Gwynedd 7th February

PR Acozni Karma Chameleon

Best of Variety British Neuter Shropshire Cat Club

2 x GCC-   2 x Best of Breed

Red Card Day Shropshire

1st and 2nd out of large classes Gwynedd

CH Acozni Ziggity Boom

3rd CC and 4th CC - all achieved in 4 straight Shows

2 x cc and 2 x Best of Breed

Red Card Day Gwynedd

Acozni Pelonazo Perrfect

 2nd open 2 x 1sts in side classes

Cattica Newbury 31st January/1st February

SGCA Acozni Frankivaladier

2nd Best Alter and 2nd Best SH Alter- Genervieve Basquine

2nd Best Alter -  Irene Van Belzen

6th Best Alter - Jane Allen

6th Best alter and 5th Best SH Alter- Monika Dany

3rd Best Alter

12 Best of colour

10 Best of division

2 Second Best of division

10 Best of Breeds

2 second best of breeds


Acozni Popsicle     Purrsalot


pictures by Chris littlejohn

Best Lh Kitten- Monika Dany

2nd Best Kitten- Carol Lawson

4th Best Kitten- Monika Dany

5th Best Kitten- Irene van Belzen

6th Best Kitten- Irene van Belzen

8th Best Kitten- Carol Lawson

Celtic and Capital Longhair Show

GMC Bertie got his 5th Imperial and Best In Colour making him IMGC Bertie

Pictures by Kaz Winn