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We are nearly into our  10th year of  Selkirk Rex. 


News on this page will be of our home bred Selkirks both curly and variant out and about at both shows with TICA and GCCF.

Most of our home bred cats/kittens are in pet homes which is what I prefer so are only shown at  a few shows throughout the year.

SPOTICAT 14th /15th December





9 x Best Finals

4 x 2nd best

1 x 3rd Best best



SGCA Acozni Franki Valadier

                   Photos by Janet Haynes  

SGCA Acozni Frankvaladier      
only attended 13th and 14th
                               14 best of breeds
                                                                  6 Finals 1x Best 3 x 2nd's                        
                                                                  1 x 9th & 1 x 10th                                    


Colourpointed Cat society of Great Britain


PC Bob and   Best of Variety -  PR Acozni Red- hot-Love

National Cat Show

AC Selkirk Rex Neuter Male - Judge V Anderson
BOB - Acozni Red Hot Love
PC - Acozni Red Hot Love




AC Selkirk Rex Champion   Female Judge: Mrs C Wren

Cheshire Cat Show 8th November 2014

Acozni Fairy Floss -1st open class 1x 1st and 2x 2nds in large side clases

Acozni Snickerdoodle - 1st open class, Best of Breed, 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd side classes

Chilli - 1st ,Best of Colour and 5 x 1st side classes - RED CARD DAY - down to last 3 for Best in Show


CATTICa 1st and 2nd November

Acozni SGCA Acozni Frankivaladier aka Ollie had a great show

Cattica 10th Anniversary Show 
Newbury November 1st & 2nd 
SGCA Acozni Frankivaladier 
Saturday                                          Sunday
Best SH Bobbi Tullo                          Best AB Bobbi Tullo
9th AB Harvey De Vilbliss                  2nd AB Kay De Vilbliss
5th SH Erwin Van Den Bunder            2nd SH Harvey De Vilbliss
5th AB Kay De Vilbliss                       2nd SH Erwin Van Den Bunder 
6th AB Phillipa Holmes                     5th AB Phillipa Holmes
                                                       8th AB Katerina Krenn


Rex Cat Club 1st November 2014

GR CH Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou- Best in Show Selkirk Rex Adult

Grand Champion Certificate Awarded

  Best of Breed 

1st Non-Breeders

1st AC Smoke-tabby

Rex Cat Association 1st November 2014

GR CH Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou- Best in Show Selkirk Rex Adult

Grand Champion Certificate Awarded

  Best of Breed 

1st Non-Breeders

1st AC Smoke-tabby


CRAOV 19th October 2014

1. Acozni Red Hot Love-  Best in Show British/Selkirk neuter


Red Card day

2. Acozni Rebusss of Amazolou

Grand Champion Certificate

SELKIRK REX CAT CLUB 19th October 2014

Champion Acozni Rebusss of Amazolou

Grand Champion Certificate

1st breed Class

1st Non breeders adult

 2nd Senior AV Adult


Selkirk Rex Cat Club & Craov Joint Show 
18th October 2014
Photo courtesy Sarah Green - Echo singing for joy x
Olympian Certificate awarded at both shows 
a 1st 2 x 2nd's and a 3rd in side classes



BGCGB TICA SHOW- REGIONAL SHOW 5th October and 4th October

All did 1 day only


Chilili at his first show got 6 Best Kittens against competition on 1 days showing

  He wowed the judges with his friendly and outgoing temperament  



Acozni Red Hot Love  as an alter although still not anywhere near in full coat got 3 finals in 1 days showing

6 Best of Breeds

6 Best of Division

6 Best of colour


RW SGMC Avalavinia 6 finals in 1 days showing

Best HP Final

5 other finals


SGCA Acozni Frankivaladier -

6 Best of Breed

6 Best of Division

6 Best of Colour

3 Finals

AB Best Alter

4th Alter

5th Alter


Manchester Cat show

Chilli on his first outing BEST IN SHOW PED PET AND RED CARD DAY


Long Hair Cream and Blue Cream Cat Association


White Persian Cat Club


IGMC Lavinia Gardner
Best IN SHOW  Ped Pet
2 x reserve Olympians

GMC Bertie

2 x Imperial




Kensington Cat Show

Imperial Classes

BIC GMC Bertie

A,C Pedigree Imperial - Male - Judge Mrs E Peachey
Imp - GMC Bertie


A.C. Tabby LH or SLH Cat (except Red or Tortie) of any Pattern, with or without white Male - Judge: Mrs Janicki
BIC - IGMC Lavinia Gardner

Somerset and Cambria

GMC Bertie Reserve Imperial


Merseyside 7th June 2014


PR Bumble Ardy gained his 1st Grand and had a red card day


Digger got 2 seconds s

Tizer gained his 1st MC and a 1st and a second in sides

Frilly got her second Imperial Grand Master Cat and Best of Colour.



Cambria and Somerset Joint Shows 7th June 2014

Bertie got  reserve Imperials in a tough class



TICA end of Year Awards- 2013/14

We are really pleased with how well  our homebred cats have done as none have been shown at more than a handful of shows-  We ourselves concentrated on showing GCCF with our cats this show year to help some of the probationer judges.  We are even more chuffed as   2 were just outside Regional placings and the owners only did a couple or so  shows with them.

  1. QGC Acozni Cookie Mcflurry -

2. Acozni  Red Hot Love 

3.GC Acozni Ziggity Boom

4.CA  Acozni Too Hot Too Handle

5.SGCA Acozni Franki Valadier

Just outside the Regional Winners at 26th Place after 4 shows

6. GCA and PR Acozni Karma Chameleon

7.RW SGMC and IMP MC  Ava Lavinia- Acozni LaviniaGardner

8. RW SGMC and IMP MC Echo - Acozni Echoshine

9. RW SGMC and GMC Bertie- Acozni Gilberto



Ava Lavinia to last 3 in Olympian out of 8


Maccy D got his second MC and a lovely comment on the back of his card


Digger Best in show Pedpet

Digger gets his 3rd  grand in a class of 5 and is now GMC Digger


2 1st side classes

1 x 3rd side class



Best of colour

1 x 1st side class

1 x 2nd side class



Acozni Noontide Serenade  aka Marni

1st open class - cc witheld-










Best of Breed in class of 8

Reserve Imperial

Ragtime TICa 26th/27th April 2014

The last Tica Show of the season-  MaCCy D was showing after time out due to lack of coat but even though not in full coat he did exceptionally well with one of the highest alter counts of the show season and many of the seasoned showers out to get their last few points

He ended the season as Best Selkirk Rex Alter Longhair for Western Europe and 2nd Internationally.-  Only showing at 3 shows throughout the season.

Gaining his Quad Champion Alter Title after just 3 shows and well on the way to his Supreme Alter Title and in mainly AB ring Finals

2nd AB out of 35

7th Ab out of 31

9th AB out of 31

10th AB out of 35

14 Best of Breeds

14 Best of Colour

 14 Best of Division 

   Echo - her last show as household pet for the 2013-14 season ending as a Rw and 4th in Western Europe


 1 out of 14
 6 out of 14

 9 out of 14

 7 out of 14

  2S out of 5

   4 out of 12

  1 out of 12

10 out of 12

  6 out of 12

 3 out of 12

 10 out of 12

1S out of 3

14 Best of Colour
14 Best of Division
Avalavinia- her last show as household pet for the 2013-14 season ending as a Rw and 3rd in Western Europe  

Midlands Cat Show and Short Hair Cat Society



1st BOC and REd Card Day



Kernow Cat Show 29th March

SGMC and CMC Bertie

Bertie Grand MC


One For All Cat Show 22nd/23rd March


SGCA Acozni Frankivaladier-  A homozygous boy who has done exceptionally well in competition against the normal curly selkirk

AB Final Pascal Remy

 AB Final Elaine Hawksworth Weitz

SP Final Delsa Rudge

10 x Best of Division

10 x Best of Colour

5 x Best of Breed

5 x 2nd Best of Breed


2 x  1st Finals
4 X 2nd Finals 2nd

3 x 3rd Finals

1 x 4th Final

 10 Best of colour

10 Best of Division

Joint Wessex and Herts And Middlesex 1st March

Acozni Noontide Serenade- sired by Quad Grand Champion Acozni Swifty Mazou

CCs in both shows and Best of Breed against competition



Naturally Tica 15th/16th February

GRC Acozni Ziggity Boom

2nd Best All Breed Final out of 51

4th Best All Breed Final out of 53

10th Best All Breed Final out of 53

4th Best Speciality out of 28

12 Best of Breeds

12 Best of Colour

12 Best of Division

Making him Grand Champion with enough points for double Grand Champion

PR  & CA Acozni Karma Chameleon-

 going through a major moult and lost his coat - 1 day showing


5 best of Breeds

1 x 2nd Best of Breed

4th Best AB Final

5th Best AB Final

6 Best of Colour

6 Best of Division


SGCA Acozni Frankivaldier

2 x 2nd Best All Breed  Final

2x 4th All Breed Finals

 1 x 3rd Speciality

 1 x 4th Speciality  

12 Best of Breeds

12 Best of Colour

12 Best of Division


CA Acozni Too hot too Handle

6 Best of Breeds

 6 Best of Colour

 6 Best of Division

 4th Best Speciality  


4 Best Cats

4 x 2nd Best Cats

1 x 3rd

1 x 4th

2 x 5th

12 Best of Colour

12 Best of Division


United Chinchilla



RW SGMC and IMP Ava Lavinia

   Imperial giving her her Imperial title

TGCA Acozni Cookie Macflurry


MC and BIC



Cattica 2nd February

SGCA Acozni Frankivaladier

1 x  2nd Best SP Final

  2 x Bob

 4 x 2nd Bob




1 x Best AB

2x 3rd  Best AB

1 x 4th Best AB

2 x 2nd Best SH SP

 6 BOC

6 BOd

Shropshire 1st Feb 2014


Digger got his Master Cat



MC Bob

2 x 1st

1 x 2nd

Colourpoint Cat Show 11th Feb 2014


Olympian (2)
BOC (3)
1 x 1st and 2 x 2nd in side classes






 Ava lavinia Gardner