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SPOTICAT 14th,15th,16th December 2012


We finish the showing year at my favourite show- Although promising Swifty I would never show him again having done only 2 shows and not enjoying either I realised I needed only points for him to be a triple so felt i had nothing to lose. I am over the moon as in spite of being particularly grumpy he is now a quad- far more than i hoped for when entering the show .  But that is definetly it - 3 shows at the age of 8 months, 20 months and 44 months is enough for him.

QGC Acozni Swifty Mazou

2nd best cat

2nd best cat

7th best cat

10th best cat

18 best of breed

18 best of division

18 best of colour 


Naturally TICA 24th/25th November

Rubys litter sister went to this show and at just 8 months (adult at 8 months) achieved 5 finals  and became champion with some lovely comments from the judges -  just a final short of grand champion

Acozni Auntie Leonie

12 Best of Colour

12 Best of Division

12 Best of Breed


2nd out of 44

3rd out of 46

10th out of 44

9th out of 46

10th out of 46



Her best buddy Chai went along to keep her company  and at only her second show became quad grand master - only needing a few points and best cat for her supreme title and she just loved every minute of it




12 Best of Division

12 Best of Colour

1 x Best cat

7 x 2nd best

2 x  3rd best

 2 x  4th best

SUPREME CAT SHOW 24th November 2012


Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou

Best kitten and Bob out of 5

Below critique from Supreme


Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou

1st in Open Class
Best of Breed
Best of Variety Selkirk Rex Kitten
1st Selkirk Not bred by Exh (3)
1st AV Debutant Kitten (10)
1st AC Selkirk Rex
1st AV Maiden Kitten


CATTICA SHOW NEWBURY 26th/27th October


Gabi becomes Triple Grand Master

Ava Lavinia Gardner becomes a Supreme Master Cat

Chai on her debut at any show takes to it like a duck to water after getting over her shock and becomes a Double Grand Master

12 best of colour 12 best of division , 9 finals including 3 best  and 2 second best


Lebec( Acozni AuntieLeonie) at her 1st show   in spite of my bad preparation due to a bad hand achieved

 5 finals

6 best of breeds ,

12 best of colour

 12 best of division


Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou 
Awarded   1st in Kitten 


1st AV Debutante Kitten

2nd  AC British/REx kitten 

SELKIRK REX CAT SHOW October 6th 2012

Bertie Became Master cat

Echo became Master Cat-

 Avalavinaia got two Grands towatds her Grand Mastercat title

Gabi got two master cats towards her mastercat  title

Acozni Rebuss ofAmazolou

2nd in Kitten Open Class


Acozni Auntie Leonie

Best Selkirk Rex kitten in the show


1st and Bob in open

  1st out of 4 Breeders Kitten

 1st out of 2 Ac kitten 6 to 9 months

1st ac tortie, bicolour or colourpoint kitten

Photos courtesy of Zoe Amarilli



 Bertie at the age of 9months became SUPREME GRAND MASTER -  and to boot he was CELTICATS First  ever Supreme

Wessex 4th March  2012

Attending this show at just 9 months 2 days

1st and MC

1st AC Household pet without a title (2)
1st Best Groomed Longhair or semi-longhair (7

United Chinchilla 11th February 2012

The marvellous Lavinia Gardner achieved her 3rd MC  and is now MC Lavinia Gardner -  Acozni Lavinia Gardner-  lol- named after Ava Lavinia Gardner another film star

WESTICAT Taunton 4th and 5th Feb 2012

Acozni Gilberto - aka Bertie went to this his 1st adult show at just 8 months 1 day on the 1st day of show
  He achieved BEST HHP  over the whole weekend even beating some Supremes while he was at it
As a Selkirk variant he can only be shown as a pedpet with GCCF or HP with TICA but has to be neutered
Photo below courtesy of Terri Crow



Short Hair Cat Society -  7th January 2012

Acozni Antbanderaz -   Reserve  Grand Premier - 
Lavinia Gardner  - Mc - BOC -   Best in Show Household Pet


Rex Cat Association - 7th January 2012

PR Acozni Antbanderaz- Grand BOB
 Lavinia Gardner - MC -  BIC