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 Acozni home bred cats or cats we own out and about at shows during 2011. 

  Both Selkirk variants which can be shown as pedigree pets, (although for variants  their type has no relevance as they are judged purely on temperament and condition) , and   Selkirk Rex curlies. 

TICA standings are in for 2010/2011and the following are cats we own or have bred and who have done well


DGC Acozni   Swifty Mazou  2nd Adult Selkirk Rex EW After just one show and Best Blue Golden Shaded Selkirk Rex - EW and internationally after just one show

SGCA Acozni Thumbelina - 2nd Longhair Selkirk Rex EW and 4th Internationally

TGCA Acozni Frankivaladier 2nd EW and 4th Internationally

  Ch Admirari Bo Belle - Best blue tortie and white British Shorthair EW and 2nd Internationally after just one show


Showing is purely a social aspect for me and I enjoy spending the day with friends and my cats providing they are happy.   To win anything is a bonus


Acozni Frankivaladier

Attended 2 days
- 12 Best of Colour
12 Best of division
6 finals
AB 10th/36 MD
AB 4th/36 FG
AB 10th/37 RW
SP 4th/22 KT
AB 3rd/38 MD
AB 4th/39 FG



Forrest Faeries Show 27th November 2011

 only attended the one day with Scooby not expecting anything other than points for colour and division as he is now going through the adolescent stage

so was very pleased that he achieved 3 finals and some excellent comments from the

Triple Grand Champion Amazolou Scooby Snax

only few more points needed for quad



6 Best of Breed

6 Best of Colour

6 Best of Division


1 4th AB Final

1 x 5th AB Final

1 x 7th AB Final

Acozni Frankivaladier
Became QGCA

6 Best of Colour
6 Best of Breed
6 Best of Division
AB 8th /26 CW
AB 2nd/27 MD
AB 2nd/27 KT
  Picture taken by Janet Haynes  

Also there were two babies Gabi and Bertie entered for two days as household pets - They did really well and came home with an array of rosettes

8 x BEST
2 x 2nd
1 x 3rd
1 x 4th

2 x BEST
7 x 2nd
3 x 3rd

  CATTICA TICA HAlloween Show 29th and 30 th October


12 x Best of Colour

5  x  Best of Division

7 x 2nd Best of division Division

5 x Best of Breed

7 x 2nd Best of  Breed

 1 x 8th final out of 46

1 x 4th Speciality out of 17


Both Gabi and Berti were just 4 months old and at their very first TICA show  and both were overawed with the comings and goings so im really proud at how well they settled , Gabi being the more nervous of the two

Acozni Honeyhoney Angel Aka Acozni Angeleyes  Ava aka Acozni laviniaGardner 
12 Best of Breed
12 Best of Colour
12 Best of Colour 12 Best of Colour
12 Best of Division 7 Best Hp Kitten 1 Best HP Kitten
  3  x 2nd Best Kitten
2  x 2nd best kitten
9th AB out of 54
10th AB out of 65
8th out of 24
1 x 3rd Best Kitten
 1 x 4th Best Kitten
3  x 3rd Best Kitten
2 x  4th Best Kitten
2 x  5th best kitten
2 x 6th best kitten

Bertie aka Acozni Gilberto Gabi aka Acozni Gabriella
12 Best of Colour 12 Best of Color
4 x 3rd Best Hp kitten 1 Best Hp Kitten
1 x 4th best kitten 3 x 4th best kitten
4 x 5th best kitten
2 x 6th best kitten
1 x 7th best kitten
4 x 5th best kitten
2 x 6th best kitten
2 x 7th best kitten





Bengal Tica Cat Club  October 8th 2011 Solihull 


8th out of 54 Aline Noel Garel

    8th out of 54 Mary Lise de Landtsheer

   5 out of 37 Aline Noel Garel  

 8th out of 38  Mary Lise de Landtsheer 

   9th out of 37 Irene Van Beltzen

4 out of 16 Sue Hart Jones


 12 Best of Breed

 12 Best of colour 

12 Best of Division


Selkirk Rex Cat Club 1st Championship Show

Although out of coat and going through the adolescent stage we took Scooby along to support our breed show

He had a red card day and achieved his first CC    

  Adult Breed Class   

  CC 1st out of 2  

  Ac Junior under 2 years 

   1st out of 4  

    Ac Visitors adult 


  Ac Limit adult


Also present were two homebred babies - Totally laid back and spineless at their first show at just 14 weeks    
AC Pedigree Pet LH/SLH

    2nd out of 3

Any Kitten Never Shown

      1st out of 2

Any Neuter/Kitten Living with another 

     1st out of 4

Friendliest Female Neuter/Kitten

    2nd out of 3  


AC Pedigree Pet LH/SLH

   1st out of 2

AC LH Pedigree Pet Kitten

    1st out of 2

Any Kitten Never Shown

    2nd out of 2

Most Handsome Male Neuter/Kitten

  3rd out of 3 


Swanley Ticked Tica 17th/18th September

Ava attended for just the one day on the Sunday

6 Best HHP Kitten

6 Best of Colour
 6  Best of division

Wyvern Cat show 10th September 2011

Acozni Honeyhoney

  4th in open class  

Side classes

 1st out of 2

2nd out of 4

Herts and Middlesex 3rd September 2011

Ava Lavinia went to this show as a pedpet- She had 1st open BIC and a red card day

CATTICA REgional Show 20th/21st August

Four  Acozni babies went to this show  

All pictures by kind permission of Terri Crow

Acozni Echo shine
just the one day

  6 Best of colour
6 best of  Division

1 AB 9th kitten