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The SPOTICAT Club 10th, 11th & 12th December 2010 at Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry

Again the year closes our showing  with the SPOTICAT show which seems to have become an annual outing.

TICA Double Grand Champion Acozni Swifty Mazou and his younger brother Double Grand Champion Alter Acozni Frankivaladier (his first ever show) both ventured their luck at this show.

Unfortunately Swifty who has not been out on the  show scene for over 10 months didn't really enjoy it.

Ailine Noel-Garel - Canada
Motoko Oizumi - Japan
Odette Lamoureux - Canada
Kurt Vlach - Austria
Tomoko Vlach - Japan
Jean-Marc LeGarde - France
Franziska Gagern - Austria
Phillipa Holmes - UK
Lindsay Wright - UK

TICA Double Grand Champion Acozni Swifty Mazou

Friday 10th
4 x Best of Colour
4 x Best of Division
2x Best of Breed

1 x 2nd Best of Breed

1 x 3rd Best of Breed

2nd AB final out of 42 - M Oizumi

7th AB final out of 43 O Lamoureux

Saturday 11th
6 x Best of Colour
6 x Best of Division
4x Best of Breed
2 x 2nd  Best of Breed

3rd  AB final  out of 63 - M Oizumi

Sunday 12th
6 x Best of Colour
6 x Best of Division
4 x  Best of Breed

2 x 3rd  Best of Breed

10th AB out of 50 Ailine Noel-Garel

10th AB out of 52 Tomoko Vlach

 Total Weekend points 1749

3019 points IN ALL

TICA Double Grand Champion Alter Acozni Frankivaladier

Saturday 11th
6 x Best of Colour
6 x Best of Division
6 x Best of Breed

4th   AB final out of 33 - Ailine Noel-Garel

5th  AB final out of 33 - M Oizumi

3rd AB final out of 33 Kurt Vlach

8th  AB final out of 33 Franziska Gagern

Sunday 12th
6 x Best of Colour
6 x Best of Division
6 x  Best of Breed

6th   AB final out of 32 - Ailine Noel-Garel

4th  AB final out of 33 - Franziska Gagern
2nd  AB final out of 31 Kurt Vlach

8th AB final out of 33 Jean Marc Lagarde

Total Weekend Points 2101


TICA WESTICAT SHOW November 27th/28th

Acozni Thumbelina


10 Best of Breed

10 Best of division

10 Best of Colour


6 finals


2 x 2nd Finals

2 X 3rd Finals

2 x 5th Finals



CAMBRIA  CAT SHOW 9th October 2010

We took two of our home bred kittens to their first show and my first show for a very long time

Acozni Miz Nancy 1st female kitten open class out of 4  BOB at just 14 weeks 

Critique by Kind Permission of Judge Helen Marriot-Power


1 & BOB MINSHALL’S ACOZNI MIZ NANCY  79s 43  F  30.6.10
A real little cracker and my take home of the day. Selkirk Rex Shorthair  of only three months of age but developing very well. Round underlying bone structure to broad, round head and full cheeks.  Head is set on short thick neck.  Nice in profile with rounded forehead, medium nose break and short, broad straight nose with a downward slant. Medium width to muzzle with well padded whisker pads.  Level bite and fair depth, level chin.  Neat ears with tiny tufts at tips, broad at base and set well apart.  Large, green, round, well open eyes set wide apart.  Level back to cobby body with a rectangular appearance with shoulders and rump developing equal breadth.  Well balanced with good boning to medium length legs and firm rounded paws.  Medium length tail, thicker at base and with a rounded tip.  Coat is fairly short but of uniform length which is developing thickness and density and already standing out from the body in short, tight curls with a soft, plush feel to them over the body and top of head and around cheeks. Very short ruff framing face and plush, close lying tail curls. Light curls well developed down legs. Super temperamen


BRITISH SHORT HAIR  CAT SHOW 25th September 2010

Premier Acozni Antbanderaz got his 3rd PC making him a PREMIER at just 11 months and had a red card day

1st Open, PC and BOB

1st Junior     

1st Limit      

1st Aristocat



WYVERN CAT SHOW 11th September 2010

Corrine took Acozni Antbanderaz  to this show

1st open and PC

1st Maiden

1st Novice

1st Junior

2nd AC Selkirk rex neuter

3rd in AC British non self neuter

Report By Judge J Higgins

  Val Anderson


1st Bromley’s Aconzni Antbanderaz (79S20) 20.10.2009
A young promising chap who I have now judged a few times recently other than to say he is developing well.  For me he is a Brown Shaded with the warmest undercoat colour.  He is so cuddly and shows himself beautifully.



West of England Cat Show 28th August 

Mandy took Acozni Caramia as a ped pet kitten to this show.  As she is a variant she can only be shown as a ped pet.

She had a red card day and won overall Best in Show Household Pet  at only her second show

1st open class

1st Debutante Adult or kitten (7)

1st Adult or Kitten living with a dog (6)

1st Prettiest Female Adult or Kitten (6)

Best in Show Pedigree Pet Kitten !!!!!!

Adult or Kitten living with a dog (Class 907b)

1st – MURPHY’S CARAMIA. F 5 months. What a little poppet. A really striking blue golden baby with clouds of

beautifully groomed long hair. She had lovely eyes and expression – she knew she was special, and very

nearly went into my pocket.


PRETTIEST FEMALE ADULT OR KITTEN  (part B) 1. Mrs M Murphy’s, CARAMIA, F. A very, very, pretty fluffy blue golden kitten, who had a lovely “PURR”


Karen took Caramia's  older sister Acozni Thumbelina (same parents to same show

1st in open class

1st Ac Non Breeders neuter female



Blue Shaded LH Selkirk Rex. She is a good shape and size standing on strong legs which are medium in length. Head is nicely rounded with full cheeks. Good muzzle although could have been a little broader for perfection with well padded whisker pads. Top of the head gently rounded and her nose is short broad and straight with a downward slant. Good bite. Ears are medium in size and just need a little more space between them. Coat is a lovely texture; it stands out from the body and has random, unstructured waves. It is very well rexed around the neck, tail and underparts. Tail in proportion to her body.


Wiltshire Show July 3rd 2010

 Acozni Antbanderaz

1st kitten open class

1st out of 7

joint 2nd out of 4

2nd out of 4

3rd out of 4

Write up by kind permission of Judge Anne Gregory
Adorable! A very handsome and well grown kitten of promising boning and type. He had an excellent head with well set ears and large, well opened eyes that were very expressive. His ears were of medium size, broad at the base and set well apart in the rounded contours of the head. His nose was short, broad and straight with a slight downward curve. His cheeks were full and he had a rectangular muzzle of medium width but I would like the whisker pads a little more prominent. Excellent body with strong boning and a solid muscular feel to him. He had sturdy legs and round paws. His tail was of medium length, thick and rounded at the tip. His coat was really gorgeous; it was thick and dense but soft, plush and scrunchy. It curled well and he was beautifully presented. He was in superb condition and had a wonderful temperament.

Val Anderson

2nd Bromley’s Aconzni Antbanderaz (70s20) 20.10.2009
Another quality baby who I also admire. Such a hard decision between three beautiful babes. Good to have a cuddle though

RAGTIME TICA 9th.  June 2010

 4 AB rings

2 SP rings

JUDGES: Pascal Remy AB France, Kitti Ruttan U.S.A. ,Jean Marc Lagarde AB France 

Eduard Borras AB Spain,Phillipa Holmes SP U.K.,Lindsey Wright SP U.K.

Champion Admirari Bo Belle

at 8 months old attended as just an adult

1 out of 18  SP Cat Final

2 out 0f 34 AB Cat Final


6 Best of Breed

6 Best of colour

6 Best of Division


695 points







Champion Alter Acozni Thumbelina (owned by Chris and Kaz)

12 Ring,

 2day back

2back Show

 Judges:- Harley Devilbis,

 Rob Seliskar

,Karen Stinson,

 Irene Van Belzen,

Genevieve Basquine,

 Phillipa Holmes

Attended one day only

6 Best of Colour

6 Best of Division

6 Best of Breed

1 x 5 SP Final

400 points becoming CHAMPION ALTER




Corrine ventured out to the Midland Counties

taking Antbanderaz to both his and her first cat show as competitors .


They both did themselves proud with Antbanderaz winningBest of Variety Kitten on his first show outing

 1st and  BOB -  kitten class

AV Kitten 6-9 months 2  out  of 8

AV non-self Kitten 1 out of 4

SelkirkRex  Kitten 1 out of 1- one absent





10th April Brigg 2010

5 rings back to back



Vickie Shields  All Breed USA            

Adriana Kajon All Breed USA

Francine Hicks All Breed USA

Donna Madison All Breed USA

 Jean Marc Legarde All Breed France

Admirari Bo-Belle

10th April 2010

5 x Best of Breed

5 x Best of colour

5 x Best of Division


2nd All Breed Kitten Final

5th All Breed Kitten Final

8th All Breed Kitten Final

784 points



One for all Leigh

6 Rings  Back To Back
6th  March 2010

Carol Barton         All Breed         USA
Bill Lee                    All Breed         USA
Pascal Remy            All Breed         France
Alexandra Chisholm      All Breed      USA
Susan Lee                   Speciality         USA
Phillipa Holmes         Speciality         UK


 Champion Acozni Swifty Mazou

6 Best of Colour

4 Best of division

3 best of breed

590 Points


West Country Cat Club 16th January 2010

 Acozni Thumbelina

2nd kitten open

2nd out of 11 miscellaneous class

2nd out of 2  miscellaneous class

Cattica 13th/14th February

Islarey Undercover Agent

Entered as LH Cat

Saturday 13th
6 x Best of Colour
6 x Best of Division
3 x Best of Breed
Sunday 14th
6 x Best of Colour
6 x Best of Division
3 x Best of Breed

600 points

Acozni THumbelina

Entered as LH  kitten

Saturday 13th
6 x Best of Colour
5 x Best of Division
5x Best of Breed

381 points

10th All Breed Kitten Final - Hisako Yamada

 31 kitten count