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TICA Awards for this year


Acozni Twiliteamber - 

3rd Best Selkirk Rex kitten internationally

Best Selkirk Rex Kitten Northern Europe

Acozni Swifty Mazou

Best Blue Golden shaded internationally and Northern Europe



SPOTICAT December 2009

 Acozni Swifty Mazou (who was literally just an adult at 8 months 2 weeks )  ventured his luck against the big adults

  He became Champion , earned 910 points and got

15 Best of Colour 15 Best of Division

2 Best of Breed(

 finals- 5th, 6th

and a special progeny final- 9th with his half brother Moosh


REX CAT CLUB 7th November 2009

Acozni Thumbelina went to her very first show with her New owners Chris and Karen,  She took to it like a duck to water and behaved impeccably the whole of the day .

Thanks Chris and Karen for giving her such a wonderful new home :-)

1st female kitten under 6 months

Best Opposite Sex

1st Av Female

1st AV Novice

2nd Selkirk Rex or La Perm not bred by breeder

A young kitten showing very good development.  Round broad head, cheeks developing, forehead rounded slightly curved top of head, muzzle not fully developed, whisker pads quite well padded, slightly narrow nose, firm chin good bite.  Ears broad at base, eyes rather almond-shaped.  Very good confo4rmation, substantial bone, tail balanced.  Good coat texture and presentation, unstructured coat with loose curls.  Very sweet personality.

A very pretty girl of only 4 months who was rather wriggly but with a sweet nature.  Broad round head with a short nose, cheeks developing well.  Level bite.  Medium ears set well apart with curly inner furnishing.  Quite large, round eyes.  Body developing with good strong limbs and round paws.  Medium length tail to balance.  Only young but good length to the coat with a ruff already.  Coat dense & thick with a random & unstructured appearance.  Showing evidence of curls throughout with good rexing for her age


CRAOV Show 17th October 2009

Acozni Miss Muffet A blue-cream Variant owned by Mandy Murphy of Oriana Selkirks attended this show as a ped pet before she starts her new career as a mum.  Unfortunately as she is a variant she can not be shown in Championship classes but only as a pedigree pet She gained BEST In SHOW HHP

Here she is in her Best in Show Pen with all her goodies 

CRAOV2009 044

BRIGG ONE IN ALL SHOW August 29th 2009

  We also  took our Blue-Golden British to her first show on August 29th,  As this colour is not yet recognised by GCCF we can only show her with TICA or FIFE .    

  She got 6 best of breeds and finalled in 3 rings,
1  x 4th best kitten. 
1 x  5th best kitten

1 x 9th best kitten

RAGTIME SHOW 17th/18th January 2009

Acozni Twilite Amber

12 Rings over two days

2nd kitten out of 39
2nd kitten out of 27
4th kitten out of 39
5th kitten out of 23
5th kitten out of 23
5th Kitten out of 27
9th kitten out of  27 

12 Best of Colour

12 Best of Division

10 Best of Breed

1813 points

total of 3861 points overall to date

RAGTIME SHOW 17th/18th January 2009


3 x 1st kitten
5 x 2nd kitten
2 x 3rd kitten

12 Best of Colour

12 Best of Division


1897 points