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SPOTICAT TICA  Show 13th /14th December  2008

Acozni Twilite Amber.

  Overall Third Best Kitten in the show

Acozni TwiliteAmber

Best kitten out of 61

2nd Best Kitten out of 61

4th Best kitten out of 63

4th Best kitten out of 63

6th Best kitten out of 63

6th  Best Kitten out of 39

8th Best kitten out of 40

13 Best of Division

13 Best of Colour

9 Best of Breed

2069 points



Rex Cat Club Show 1st November 2008

Acozni Twilteamber

2nd Female open class kitten  out of 9

2nd out of 8 Selkirk Rex or La Perm breeders

1st out of 6 AV Intermediate

1st out of 4 Tortie, tortie-white, bi-colour or colourpoint

3rd out of 5 Selkirk Rex kitten

2nd  MINSHALL’S  ACOZNI TWILITEAMBER.  79s 21.  21-05-08.  Black Tortie Selkirk Rex, this was another gorgeous kitten with loads of potential & worthy of 1st prize in other competition.  Head has good width, well developed cheeks, the muzzle has the typical puffed pads to create the required rectangular shape, gentle dip to nose, excellent chin & bite.  Ears medium size fitting well into the head shape, tufts at the tips with light curly interiors.  Eyes well open & round the colour still deepening (not that it is relevant), but it looks more aesthetically pleasing when it is the appropriate colour to the pattern, lovely expression.  Body not the development of the winner but almost a month younger so time to catch up, legs & paws proportionate to her development, very good tail which was of medium length & quite thick.  Superior quality coat, which was thick & dense, standing from the body, impressive amount of random unstructured, curl in abundance, particularly the tummy which was an amazing texture as a result, the tail too was showing lots of curl, beautifully prepared, excellent curling whiskers & eye brows.  Most attractive colour combination her tortie combination well broken, with quite vibrant shades of red against the black.  Temperament superb, amazing temperament. 

Acozni  Niteshadow


3rd out of 4 male kitten open class

3rd out of 8 Selkirk Rex or La Perm Breeders

1st out of 11 AV Debutante

1st out of 3 AV Maiden

1st out of 5 Smoke or Tabby

2nd out of 5 Selkirk Rex kitten


3rd  MINSHALL’S  ACOZNI  NITESHADOW.  79s  36.  21-05-08.  Black Smoke Selkirk Rex, litter brother to the girl above & again a pleasing youngster.  Head not quite so broad as his sibling, cheek lines a little more defined, nonetheless his muzzle was good, rounded forehead with a little too much definition to the nose break almost a stop, firm chin, good bite.  Ears medium size, tends to carry perhaps just a little high, curly interiors.  His eyes I would have preferred a little larger but this often the case with babies, slightly muddy tone.  Body cobby & well boned, strong legs rounded paws, broad medium length tail to balance.  Like his sister he has a lovely amount of loose unstructured curl to his very soft coat, which stands from the body, very good density, tighter round the base of the ears, neck, tummy & tail.  Very good smoke showing good silver undercoat coming in & black top coat, good contrast.  His temperament confident & friendly, lovely condition.  Both these kittens are believed to homozygote, which makes them very useful for the breeding program.



 CRAOV 18th October 2008


  Acozni Twilitamber

1st Female open class kitten out of 3

1st out of 7 Breeders M/F

1st out of 4 Debutante M/F

2nd out of 5 AC La Perm/Selkirk Rex M/F

A very pleasing female kitten with type, boning and balance. Her head has strength and breadth with rounded contours and full cheeks. Very good rectangular muzzle with well padded whisker pads. Rounded forehead and a good profile. Firm chin. Large, really expressive eyes with a mischievous expression. Cobby body that is rectangular with very good boning. Tail balanced well. Super curls although the coat could be more plush for perfection. Wonderful temperament and shown in sparkling condition.

MINSHALL’S ACOZNI TWILITEAMBER. Female Black Tortie Smoke Shorthair Selkirk Rex. 21/5/08.

Super baby girl of good type Balanced cobby body is of very good size and weight for four months, firm and well muscled with good underlying bone-structure, level back, gently rounded chest and slender study limbs of medium length ending in compact round paws in proportion. Head shows broad rounded skull with good full cheeks and short blunt muzzle. Medium size ears are broad based, neat and of good shape, spaced well apart, good furnishings and tiny tufts at tips. Large lustrous rich barley sugar orange eyes are full and round, held well open and set wide apart to give typical expression. Rounded brow, very good break, short broad straight nose and firm level chin of good depth; bite is just marginally undershot off, but acceptable in such a young kitten. Good medium length to coat, thick, dense and uniform in length, soft and plush in texture with very good curl to hairs loose and standing away from the body – I could really get my fingers into her coat, ripples down chest, good curl on head and neck, good curl to tail hairs, compact and full. Solid jet black predominates with rich warm medium red intermingled. Tail is of good shape and medium length to balance. Confident, relaxed and playful – a very affectionate girl and a pleasure to judge.

Acozni Niteshadow

2nd Male kitten out of 2

3rd out of 5 AV kitten M/F

4 out of 5 AC La Perm/Selkirk Rex M/F



A handsome baby of very good type and balance. Lovely head with well padded whisker pads and a firm muzzle. Medium ears set well. Expressive eyes of very good shape and set. Rounded forehead and good profile. Full cheeks. Cobby body with a solid, muscular feel. Good boning to the legs and tail balanced well. Excellent curls and waves. Super temperament. Unlucky to meet the winner today.


North West Cat Show 27th September 2008

1st Female kitten out of 3

2nd out of 10 Ac British Maiden Kitten

2nd out of 6 AC British Novice Kitten Female

2nd out of 8 AC British Visitors Kitten


Wyvern 13th September 2008

Acozni Twiliteamber

1st female and BOB out of 8 kittens


Joint 3rd out of 12 -Non-Self kitten

2nd out of 4 - Selkirk Rex Kitten

2nd out of 12-British Debutante Female

3rd out of 7 - British Limit Kitten

1ST & BOB  MINSHALL’S ACOZNI TWILITEAMBER (79S 36e) 21.5.08 Superb Selkirk rex type on such a young baby indeed! Super round full cheeked head with very good ears set and spacing. Good fullness to cheeks too. Rounded profile, short downward slanting nose, level bite and chin of good depth that is very firm! Promising muzzle, whisker pads obvious too. Solid and well muscled, supported by good strong well boned legs and large rounded paws. Curly eyebrows. Fabulous coat!, really tight waves right down to the root, still standing away from the body, all over. Very pretty tortie smoke. Tail to balance with curls and waves.

Wyvern 13th September 2008

Acozni Niteshadow



Extra 2nd out of 5 male - open class

1st out of 12 -Non-self kitten

3rd out of 7 -British Breeders Male

2nd out of 6 -British Novice kitten

3rd out of 6- British visitors kitten

Extra 2nd.MINSHALL’S ACOZNI NITESHADOW (79S 36) 21.5.08 Gorgeous smoke lad, with a fabulous look about him but I felt his muzzle was rather prominent and not as rectangular as the 1st two lads and he wasn’t quite as full cheeked as the kitten above, but he had a super dome to his head in profile with correct ears for set and spacing. Other than that, his coat is stunning, he has excellent tight curls, standing well away from his body, curly whiskers and eyebrows too. Excellent bone to him, a good solid chap with rectangular body shape coming and medium length well boned legs. I feel he would be an asset to this breed.

1ST – MINSHALL’S ACOZNI NITESHADOW – Selkirk Rex Shorthair Black Smoke male 21/05/08

Good rectangular frame with level back, medium length solid legs and firm round paws. Round head with cheeks filling out. Medium sized ears are well set. Large round eyes are well opened. Broad nose with downward slant, good profile and firm chin. Short plush coat covers his body well and show good evidence of the Rex gene with plenty of random unstructured curls. Waves evident on paws and tail