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8th and 9th December Leicester

Spoticat TICA Show


GC Trueblu Rockabilly



Best of colour 7 rings 

Best of Division 7 rings 

Final 10th best cat out of 60

Final 7th Best cat out of 97




Best of colour 6 rings 

Best of Division 5 rings 

Final 8th best cat out of 83


Supreme Show 2007


Trueblu Rockabilly

4th IC, BOB ,1st in Adult Class,

Entered in Best of Variety British Adult


Yorkshire Cat Club 27th October 2007

Trueblu Rockabilly


Becomes 4th cat to gain 3 qualifying Ics


 IC ,BOB, 1st in Adult Open class

1st AC British Adult Male (9)

1st Ac Selkirk Rex Adult

4th AC British Self not bred by Exhibitor Adult (6)

Write up of above show

Mrs A Gregory

1 IC & BOB MINSHALL'S TRUEBLUE ROCKABILLY (79s 15d) 23.7.06. M. A handsome Selkirk with a very endearing temperament who was a pleasure to judge. Strong and well balanced with very good type overall. The head was broad with rounded contours. Full cheeks and a medium width to the muzzle accentuated by well padded whisker pads. The ears were of medium size and set wide apart on the head in the rounded contours. In profile the forehead was rounded with a short, broad nose that as straight but with a downward slant. Firm chin. The muzzle was clearly seen beyond the cheeks. Very expressive eyes, large round and well opened. They were set well apart. Excellent cobby body with a level back and a rectangular shape. Lovely breadth to the shoulders and rump. Medium length legs that were well boned. Round, firm paws. Tail was thick and a good length to balance with a rounded tip. Lovely curly coat that was thick and dense. It stood well away from the body, random and unstructured. Lovely for burying your fingers in! Beautifully presented in excellent condition and a joy to judge.

 North West Cat Club Show

 28th September 2007


Trueblu Rockabilly


 Ic, BOB, 1st in Adult Open Class
 1st Provisional Breeds Adult
 2nd  Non Breeders adult (5)
 3rd British Junior adult (8

Gwynedd Show


21st July 2007


Trueblu Rockabilly



IC 1st in open, Best of Breed,

Also got Merit

1st, 2nd and 3rd in side classes




Midland Counties show 20th May 2007

    The first show Trueblu Rockabilly  Midland Counties Show  20th May 2007 where he  had a red card day.   He was only just an adult and his very first show he was up against the big adults so did exceptionally  well to get all firsts on his show debut.

Merit awarded

1st in class of 10

 1st in a class of 6

 1st in a class of 2



Some write ups from his first show


MS J Allen


SELKIRK REX ASSESSMENT ADULT Merit MINSHALLS TRUEBLU ROCKBILLY 79s 15d. I really liked this young adult and consider he has loads of potential.  Medium ears that were well set onto his broad head.  Full cheeks and with a lovely muzzle that stood out well and with nice padded whisker pads.  Curly broken whiskers.  Broad straight nose and a level bite.  Expressive eyes that were large and well open and a lovely orange colour too.  Super size and substance to his body. Cobby frame with slight rise to his hindquarters.  Great breadth to his shoulders and rump. Thick medium length tail with a rounded tip.  I loved his coat, it was thick and standing away well with lovely random curls. His colouring was a rich red with just a few ghost tabby bars.  In the most wonderful condition and so sweet to handle.

Mrs B Prowse


1ST MRS A MINSHALL'S TRUEBLU ROCKABILLY (79S 15d) M 23/7/06 - Red short haired Selkirk Rex. I really liked this young man and he had a lovely laid back temperament. Body cobby and he stands on legs that are medium in length. Head is round broad and set on a short thick neck. Ears are medium in size and set well apart. Eyes are round and well opened. Nose is short, broad and straight with a downward slant. Full cheeks. Level bite. Curly whiskers. Coat is well prepared and fairly uniform length all over the body. It is a rich red colour, thick and dense, standing out from the body. It is quite curly all over. Tail is thick, medium in length with a rounded tip.