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Guide to Show Preparation

A useful guide to show preparation has been prepared by judge Anne Gregory in 2005 and I have been very kindly allowed to use it by Anne Gregory . 

Her guide has been used and adapted by most sellkirk owners for their own cats.

  Please do not copy  as it is copyright of  Anne Gregory.

      Guide to Show preparation   

Always remember to comb on a regular basis with longhair cats to prevent tangles forming particularly in a damp or humid  atmosphere.   I use rotating teeth combs and denman triple combs.

Experiment with your own products to find what suits your cat best as all cats coats react differently to shampoos etc and what suits one wont necessarily suit the coat of another.

Also experiment with shampoos as again not all shampos work the same way on cats as all have different coats.
  I personally like the biogroom products,.    F1R2 snow  burst for white and silver cats  and all systems white shampoos and also Ring 5 bright white.   Pethead do a creme rinse called furastic which is extremely useful for  longhaired cats but not to be used all the time as it can make the coat too soft and you will lose the curls.

Some powder their cats to keep the hair separate , some dont - it is all a matter of experimentation with your cat to see what you are happy with and which products suit your cat. Dont leave it till the last minute to experiment if you are showing.

Remember above all showing should be fun- It doesnt matter whether you win or lose as you always have the best cat with you.