Our Kittens

We have 2  litters currently in the nursery

Both litters are  a  mix of outanding European and Australian lines.

Pet homes are preferred but if you wish to show your kitten then we are willing to help.

Please read the information on Kittens - Kitten Information

Acozni  Tyrion  -  reserved

Acozni Mata Hari- Reserved   - 

Litter 2

 Acozni Valentino--  - Reserved

Acozni Cassanova - Black smoke curly boy - available 

Acozni Snow Patrol -  Lilac and white harlequin curly girl- Reserved
Acozni Arya=  Black ticked tabby  Reserved
Acozni Twinkletoes - Black Tortie and white  shorthair-Reserved

- a deposit has been paid and this kitten is now booked by their forever family and no longer available

Under Evaluation- this kitten is under assessment for show/breeding potential but may become available later so please enquire

On Hold- this kitten is awaiting a visit by their potential new family but may become available later so please enquire
Available - this kitten has not yet found their perfect match and is looking for a new home so please enquire