Kitten Information

  1. As one of the few longer standing Breeders of Selkirk Rex and Representive for the Breed Advisory Group I make sure I breed for type and keep consistent looking cats conforming to what a Selkirk Rex should look like.   This means occasionally going out to outcrosses to keep the boning and type  until there is much larger gene pool of Selkirk Rex as it is still yet a relatively new breed.


  1.              I like all prospective new families to visit before they reserve a kitten as I feel it is essential that both you and your new family member are happy with one another.  In addition that you are happy with me and my cats , how I keep my cats and also  to see how my cats interact with me which will give you an idea of how your kitten is likely to be.
  • Once interest in a kitten is expressed a visit is arranged so you can meet your potential new family member and see the other cats at home.

  •  I reserve the right to refuse a sale if I don't believe it is in the kittens best interest.

  •  In order to book a kitten you will be asked to place  a £150 deposit which  is non refundable. As soon as the deposit is paid then the kitten is reserved for you.

  •  If we are no longer able to sell the kitten or, are unwilling to, then the deposit  will either  be refunded in full or another kitten offered if available.  However if the alternative is unacceptable then the deposit will be refunded in full.

  • I send you regular  weekly photos and  updates on your new family member and visits are welcome until they are able to join you.

  1.   I prefer pet  or show neuter homes although initially  show- wise kittens can be of promising  show quality it is very difficult to predict that this promise and potential will be fulfilled when older-  If you want to show your kitten I am more than happy and willing to help and advise.
  • We may consider for  breeding but only to someone who has shown a neuter before, has researched the breed in depth and knows what they are doing with the breed as it is one of the most difficult breeds to breed correct type etc.   LIke all other breeders who sell on the active it will come with a contract with restrictions.
  • I have cats and kittens all over the world and in all parts of the UK and and happy to export and personally take to either Heathrow or Manchester Airport to ensure the kittens are handed over with no problems and all the paperwork is in order.  We have also be known to hand deliver kittens to Europe as the Channel tunnel makes it so much easier.

  1. As I have a muliticat household I take extra measures to ensure that cats are as healthy as I can by taking precautionary measures  for eg.
  • My cats are divided into family groups with a maximum of 3 to 4 ,  and are all kept according to age with cats less than 4 months separated from the older cats.  Genenerally my groups are only maximum of 3 together.

  • My pregnant and nursing queens are kept separate from other cats and are kept in separate rooms.

    •   Any cats introduced into the cattery are always kept separate for a while to help them settle in and also to ensure they are not bringing anything into the cattery.

    5. Much as I would love my kittens to run with all the others I keep them separate until t they   leave for their new homes to ensure they are in optimum health.

    •  Other cats go to shows and even though they are kept totally separate from young kittens and nursing mums, there  are no guarantees they have picked up something they are carrying which doesnt affect them but will affect the kittens, and can be passed on, on clothes shoes etc.   As a responsible breeder I cannot take the risk.   There are so many hiddens which are not obvious till your cat kitten is infected and in my opinion not worth taking the risk as the health of the kittens being raised is paramount.  Once the kitten has had its first vaccination it has some protection.
    1. My kittens are superfriendly as I spend a lot of time throughout the day from the moment they are born handling them and socialising them.   I am known for my kittens being that extra little bit friendly, as with not working I have all the time to socialise and spend with them.
    • All my kittens are raised indoors where someone is at home the majority of the time so  they are handled throughout the day and used to the normal household noises and curled upon me enjoying such TV programmes as "This Morning" and other daily trivia .  They are used to a hoover from the first few days although never really keen although some have enjoyed playing with the hoover.
    • I have 2 young grandchildren who play with all the cats so they will be used to young children.
    1. You can be confident we have done our utmost to give a friendly healthy socialised cuddly purrpot, suitable for all ages of your family-  equally at home with adults or children.
    • They will be completely weaned, used to a varied diet and come litter trained. They will have been twice throughly  vet checked by my vet and come microchipped at a small fee on request, wormed to date with a worming certificate and fully vaccinated  except for leukaemia, which you can give at a later date if you wish.

    • A pack to help them settle into their new home with various goodies and  I provide details of coat shampooing , preparation and products I have used successfully on the show bench.

    • They will be registered as  kittens on the non active with either GCCF and/or TICA and will be ready for their new homes from 13 weeks old.
    1. Breeding is purely a hobby for me as I love all my cats as family and love to give the same pleasure to other prospective families .   I don't make a penny from breeding as all kitten money goes to ensure the kittens are brought up in the best possible way with good quality  kitten food, quality cat litter and a  bundle of toys to keep them happy and fulfilled as they grow up- If there is any left over it goes towards  the upkeep of my other cats.
    •   I buy all new toys and cat scratching posts for every litter, so each has enjoyed its very own rather than hand me downs.
    • I have three  small dogs to which the kittens are introduced once they have had both sets of vaccinations.

    All kittens come registered with GCCF , a 5 generation pedigree, A selection of toys and food etc to help them settle into their new homes.