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About Us

I have been involved in breeding since the early 1990s but stated with the Selkirk Rex in 2006

I am actively involved with the progression of the Selkirk Rex Breed , being an officer and active committee member of The Selkirk Rex Breed Cat Club and the Breed Advisory representative for the Selkirk Rex Breed Cat Club and happy to answer any questions on the breed.  The  Selkirk Rex Cat Club is the breed club and responsible for Registration policy and the Standard of the points for the breed. 

 I breed to further and improve the type and because I love the Selkirk breed and I hope to give people the same pleasure  from the Selkirk Rex that I have had from mine.


My cats are first and foremost my family and , as I love them, their happiness and well being comes way before anything I want. 
They are a very special , friendly social people loving breed and get on well with children and adults alike.

I know from breeding experience that the most highly titled cats do not always produce the best type kittens and some of the best kittens can come from a cat that would not excel on the show bench.


To tell you a bit about us.
  • I live in Staffordshire with my Cats and 3 dogs
  • I have a safe secure garden so the cats have free access to outside yet are totally safe
  • I have 2 daughters and 2 young granddaughters  aged 3 and 4 who are always helping handle the kittens and the mum cats  trust them implicitly 
  • I was widowed in Xmas 1996 when my husband died very suddenly after just finding out he had leukaemia.  My girls were only young at the time and, it was having the cats and dogs that kept us all going. 
  • I have had cats all my life, from being in a pram,  been involved in hobby breeding since 1990 and had my first Selkirk Rex breeding cat in 2006 and have been involved in the breed ever since.  We also have a Norwegian forest who shares the same birthdate as my late husband.

    I am at home the majority of the time  which enables me to spend a lot of time with both my cats and kittens, ensuring my kittens are healthy ,cuddly, friendly bundles of fluff,  used to all the  usual   household noises and hustle and bustle and constant visitors and traffic of  a busy family home.   My grand daughters are here on a regualr basis  so the kittens, although kept separate from the rest of the cats  for optimum health  reasons, are never short of being handled and fussed.   They are also used to small dogs, a poodle, 2 shih tzu and jack russell.